How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android and iPhone

After being present in beta a few months ago, WhatsApp has finally officially launched Dark Mode for all Android and iOS users. That means all users can activate WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android & iPhone devices. This was announced directly on the company's official Twitter account.
Activate the Dark Mode WhatsApp on Android and iOS
As in the beta, WhatsApp's dark mode does not fully use black. Instead, WhatsApp uses a dark gray color. WhatsApp says dark mode aims to reduce eye strain in low light environments. There are two things that are the focus of WhatsApp in designing the dark mode in the application.

First, when choosing a color can minimize eye fatigue and approach the system defaults on the iPhone and Android.

Second, in order to easily focus attention, on each screen color and design elements are chosen to ensure that the most important information is visible.

How to Activate Dark Mode

This dark mode feature is already available on Android and iOS. In order to enable dark mode, make sure WhatsApp is updated to the latest version. On iOS, the latest WhatsApp is version 2.20.30. While on Android, the latest version is 2.20.69.

Android can Activate Dark Mode as follows:

  1. Open Settings / Settings
  2. Select Chat
  3. Select a Theme
  4. Choose Dark

iPhone users can activate dark mode as follows:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click Display & Brightness
  3. Select the Dark theme
Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode On Iphone
For Android 10 and iOS 13 users, WhatsApp's dark mode can be activated from the system settings.

If the above mention WhatsApp version is not available to your phone, please check for WhatsApp updates in the coming days. The update would be launched gradually over the next few days.

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